I am dating a jewish guy

About a year after our beautiful Jewish wedding, we found out we were having a baby boy.

How could I marry him, contributing to the assimilation and possible disappearance of my people?

And even if I could accept intermarriage, my father never would. He had repeatedly told me how important it was to marry "inside." He worried about the ultimate demise of the Jewish people through assimilation.

He told me he was in love with the other woman and wanted a divorce. If there were cracks in our relationship, he had not communicated them to me.

In an instant my seven-year relationship and three-year marriage was over.

As the years went by and our relationship intensified, my boyfriend accompanied me to many a (Shabbat songs).

We attended Judaism classes and a support group for interfaith couples and agreed that if we ever had kids, we would raise them as Jews.

I never considered marrying someone who wasn’t Jewish.

The thought of wedding and starting a family with someone who was not a member of the tribe was not up for debate in my mind.

He also believed that marriage was "tough enough as it is" and "easier if you start with a common culture, religion, and values." Years ago, my father threatened to disown my older sister if she married her boyfriend who was raised in a different faith.

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