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Professional leave is unpaid, but the faculty member receives all benefits, except retirement, to which he/she would have been entitled if not on leave. Bargaining-unit faculty accrue sick leave at the rate of 15 days per year pro-rated each month.Faculty may not accrue more than 300 days of sick leave.For details, see Leaves of Absence (for short term sick leave please see below) A faculty member may apply for a leave for a period up to one year for purposes of child-rearing.

Several rules and policies govern the avoidance or management of such conflicts.

A standing committee on conflicts of interest provides guidance in the management of potential conflicts, and ensures that relationships between the university, its employees and outside entities have been examined and will be conducted in a manner consistent with institutional guidelines and applicable law.

All three years of the contract have across-the-board, merit, compression components, and regional faculty adjustment, each of which increases the permanent base salaries of faculty.

The Provost may award salary increases under Article 15 of the CBA in order to address an inequity, to reward outstanding performance, or to meet a bona fide offer from a comparable institution.

In equity cases, the supporting data must include current salaries of other faculty in the same discipline who have comparable rank, years in rank, and years at UC.

Effective Dates for Article 15 Increases Article 14 of the CBA establishes a range of stipends to be awarded by deans to academic unit heads.

Discriminatory harassment is based on the targeted individual’s race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, status as a disabled veteran or veteran of the Vietnam era, or age.

The University assists victims of discriminatory harassment.

Article 14 of the CBA also establishes summer pay for academic unit heads.

Summer Pay Schedule Conflicts of interest and/or conflicts of commitment can arise from a variety of sources: employment outside the university, financial interests in companies doing business with the university, personal relationships, employment of students, even volunteer activities.

For Criteria & Procedures, see: Academic Leave Guidelines FMLA is federal legislation that entitles eligible employees to take unpaid leave from work to respond to “qualifying events” affecting the employee and/or the employee’s family members.

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