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Paid Parental Leave Policy Paid Parental Leave Procedures Paid Parental Leave Application Paid Parental Leave FAQs A faculty member may apply for a leave for a period up to one year for personal purposes. A faculty member may apply for a leave for a period from one semester to one full academic year for the purpose of pursuing professional opportunities outside UC employment.

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All such requests must be made through the Office of General Counsel.

See the policy at: Public Records Policy Per Article 18.1 of the CBA between the University of Cincinnati and the AAUP, “Any Bargaining Unit member electing to take retirement under a retirement system identified in 18.2 of this Agreement, should give the Dean or appropriate administrator and University Benefits Division six months’ notice, in writing, of the anticipated date of retirement.

See the full policy at: Statement on Discriminatory Harassment Discriminatory Harassment Policy Administrative Memo on Sexual Harassment Sexual Harassment Policy Preventing Sexual Harassment and FAQ The Collective Bargaining Agreement between UC and AAUP provides for three types of grievances: 1.

Those under Article 7, brought by a faculty member against those responsible for RPT reviews, claiming procedural violations. Those under Article 8, generally brought by a faculty member against an administrator, for alleged violations of CBA requirements or of university rules. Those under Article 9, challenging proposed discipline of a faculty member.

For assistance with the filing of a grievance, faculty in the bargaining unit should contact the AAUP.

AAUP-UC The CBA provides for several kinds of leave for bargaining-unit faculty: academic leave, leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), child-rearing leave, sick leave—including leave for maternity, personal leave, professional leave, military leave, and special leave.

Article 13 of the CBA provides for additional pay for teaching an overload “only in emergency situations.” The same contract article also establishes the overload pay rates.

Article 10 of the CBA has four forms of contractually mandated compensation.

An application for an increase must begin in the academic unit and should proceed to the Dean and then to the Vice Provost for Academic Personnel.

All applications must include the faculty member’s current vita, a rationale for the increase, and supporting data.

Leave FAQs Time off Work and Leave of Absence Presentation Calendar.


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