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Ultimately, it came down to a decision by CBS’s Standards and Practices department, according to the Huffington Post. “Veggie Love,” PETA (2009) The ad: Women in lingerie express their love for vegetables. Why it was banned: PETA’s raunchy ad is an example of how sex doesn’t always sell.NBC released a statement against it, saying the spot “depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards.” 7.

Suddenly, a mutual reach for the potato chips results in an urge to start making out.

Why it was banned: Addressing homosexuality in Super Bowl ads typically results in backlash or controversy.

“In the Hole,” KGB (2010) The ad: Employees of the directory assistance company respond to a call from two women whose husbands’ heads up have gone straight up their asses after a conversation.

Why it was banned: No statement was released regarding the rejection—but let’s just say the literal adaption of the phrase “he’s got his head up his ass,” is a bit alarming to see brought to life. Soda Stream (2014) The ad: Scarlett Johansson demonstrates how to use the Soda Stream seltzer-maker, then sensually drinks for a few seconds before declaring, “Sorry, Coke and Pepsi.” Why it was banned: Israeli company Soda Stream has endured heavy criticism for having a factory in one of the West Bank settlements—but Fox’s problem with this ad centered on Johansson’s final line calling out Coke and Pepsi.

I already did my mother.” Why it was banned: For some reason, CBS thought it best to stay away from a gentle implied incest joke. “Blind Date,” Smart Beep (1999) The ad: A woman lets one rip in the car before her blind date, only to realize it was a double blind date and the other couple was in the backseat…the whole time.

Why it was banned: Apparently, Fox execs thought the beeper service’s fart joke was too much.But who cares, the conclude: at least there’s Bud Light!Why it was banned: Sex, lies, the fear of imminent mortality: definitely not appropriate subject matter for all Super Bowl viewers. “Exposure,” Go Daddy (2008) The ad: Glamorous women arrive on the red carpet, getting photographed by excited paparazzi as they brandish their beavers. Why it was banned: In a statement, Fox spokeswoman Elizabeth Driscoll said that the network “did not approve of the word and references to ‘beaver,’ which Go Daddy CEO and Founder Bob Parsons did not want to remove.” polldaddy.add( ); 2.Uh, think those same execs watched the premiere episode of 18.Ashley Madison (2011) The ad: A woman tells her office that she just discovered her husband’s affair.Her coworker replies by saying “welcome to the club”—and everyone starts making out.

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